Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD)

The Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) is committed to supporting Deaf culture, history and language. We consult with Deaf people to make sure we fully understand their needs.

We provide a wide range of services which Deaf people want and need. All of our services are delivered in British Sign Language (BSL). We also work with mainstream services to help them to ensure their services are accessible to Deaf people.

Our services


Our Specialist Employment Advisers achieve lasting results for Deaf people through the provision of a unique, personalised employment support service that really works. We understand the barriers to employment and will work with both employee and employer to secure sustainable employment opportunities for Deaf people.

Communication Services

RAD Interpreting provides a high quality, professional and competitively priced service. Any profits generated through our communication service are re-invested in the Deaf Community and support the work of RAD in empowering Deaf people.

Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG)

We provide accessible IAG to Deaf people in their first language. Our areas of expertise include benefits, money, housing, employment, debt and family/domestic IAG.


Advocacy promotes social inclusion, equality and social justice. Advocates take action to support people to make informed choices, secure their rights, represent their needs and obtain services. Advocates speak up for people and/or encourage individuals to speak up for themselves. They challenge those who make unfair assumptions or treat people unfairly.

Children & Families

The Children and Families Service supports all families, where one or more members of the family unit are D/deaf, by providing information, support and accessible and inclusive activities. We recognise and understand the isolation that D/deaf children can face; many of our activities welcome people with all levels of hearing impairment. Parents, friends and siblings are also welcome to join some of our family events.

Social Care & Health

We pride ourselves in providing a holistic, caring, well led, effective, responsive and person-centred support service for the people with additional needs aged 18+.

Our Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered (to read a copy of our latest report, click here)community support service works with people to develop and maintain independence within their home and in the community.

Youth & Transition

The Youth and Transition Service supports young people from secondary school and throughout transition into adulthood.

We recognise the challenges and the isolation that some young D/deaf people face and we work with them to help them to achieve their full potential.

Deaf Culture & Community

We are passionate about Deaf culture and the work that we do in partnership with the Deaf Community. Our community development team works hard to make sure that RAD provides the services and support that Deaf people want and need. We respect Deaf language, identity, community, heritage and diversity and take the time to understand what matters to Deaf people.