Disability Advice Services Lambeth

DASL (Disability Advice Service Lambeth) is a Disabled People's Organisation which works with disabled people, including those with mental health support needs, older people and carers, mainly in the London Borough of Lambeth.


Our services

Advice & Information

DASL has been Lambeth’s specialist provider of advice and information services for disabled people for many years. We now work in partnership with other local charities to deliver most of these services but our experience and skills are still available to you. Our partner, RAD, provides a weekly advice and support service for deaf people from our offices. We also provide a professional advocacy service for disabled and older people and carers. Phone 020 7738 5656 or email us.

Professional Advocacy 

DASL provides a Professional Advocacy Service as part of the Independent Living and Carers’ Partnership. From April 2015 the service has been extended to cover carers as well as disabled and older people. Our service is independent, confidential and free to use. It supports people to have their say about issues which are important to them and to give them greater choice and control in their lives.

Disability Hate Crime

Hate Crime against disabled people is a growing problem but very few crimes and other incidents are reported. Disabled people often don’t know who to talk to or how to report something that has happened to them. From April 2016, DASL is providing a new Hate Crime Advocacy and Outreach service through which we hope many more disabled people in Lambeth will get the support they need to deal with hate crime and to report it if they wish to do so.  We also want to raise awareness of hate crime against disabled people in the community and to work alongside disabled people to find ways of preventing this happening. We are working on this service with other organisations which also want to change things for the better through theLambeth Disability Hate Crime Partnership. To find out more about the service and the work of the Partnership you can contact our project worker, Cheryl Lewis, our Community Development Worker , Louise Holden, or David Strong.

Direct Payments Support

DASL provides the independent Direct Payments Support Service, offering information, advice and training on Personal Budgets, and specifically, Direct Payments. We work with people eligible for Personal Budgets, including Personal Health Budgets, as well as people who self-fund their own care. We provide advice, guidance and support on all aspects of Direct Payments including managing the Direct Payment, recruiting Personal Assistants, being a good employer and understanding the responsibilities of being an employer, managing staff and completing monitoring records. We work closely with professionals to provide information and general advice on Direct Payments and liaise with social services and the CCG to ensure that people receive the right support when setting up a Direct Payment and on-going support as and when they need. We run a monthly Peer Support Group for Direct Payments recipients and provide training around “Being a Good Employer”, subject to funding from Skills for Care. For more information on the service, please visit the DASL website.

For people receiving a Personal Budget for the first time, the Direct Payments team requires a referral from the lead professional. You can find the referral here. People who are self-funding, or who already receive a Direct Payment can contact the team directly on 020 7501 8960 or can email direct.payments@disabilitylambeth.org.uk

Community Development work with disabled people

DASL is Lambeth’s leading pan-disability Disabled People’s organisation. We have a long history of working in the community to develop projects and activities to support disabled people’s voice, campaigning on key issues for local disabled people and partnership work with Lambeth Council, Health and other voluntary organisations on policies and strategies.


Disability Advice Service Lambeth

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