Safe and Independent Living (SAIL)

SAIL is designed to provide person-centred, referrals and support to enable individuals to continue maintaining independence, improve their well-being and stay safe.

Who is the service for?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a long-term health condition, disability or is an unpaid carer for someone. 

What does the service do?

We are a quick and simple way to access a wide range of local services which support people in maintaining their independence, safety and wellbeing. Our team can arrange one-to-one visits, complete a holistic person-centred assessment and together create an action plan. We offer short term support to enable people to maintain their independence. If we're not the best service to provide the support, we will identify the right service to refer on to. We always follow up on referrals made within four weeks to ensure the person has heard from the service and they’re receiving the support needed.

How do we receive referrals?

Via our online form, on the phone or from a local professional.

What happens after the referral?

Once we receive a referral form, we team will contact each individual.

Contact details:

Phone: 020 7346 6800 (Option 6)



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